Social Sciences: History & Geography – Resource Summary

Assignment 2:  Resource based presentation 

Prepare a 5 minute presentation about a resource that would be utilised for in-depth teaching and learning relating to any one aspect or topic from your Unit of Work. Include a 500 word summary per person.

Assignment #2

Resource Summary


My chosen resource for assignment 2 is called myHistro; this can be found online or can be downloaded as an App for iphones. Unfortunately it is only available as iphone app, can be downloaded onto iPad and x2 so its larger. Oh and it’s free, which is always good.

This resource will greatly benefit a History unit while integrating with other various subject areas. The simplest way I can summarise myHistro is that it allows you to create a virtual timeline; it allows you to have the date (including time), a description of the event, you are able to match it to a location and you are also able to add pictures. All of these are under one heading and are available at one click of a button.

Using this resource within a unit

This resource could be used in conjunction with a variety of units; whether it was a personal/family history or whether it was used in a unit to do with history around the world, from a certain time period etc. This could be used as a whole class activity where the teacher has the account and the students add to the story. Each student can be given a certain date to research, the teacher can hand up a worksheet with the necessary information they need so they when they go to enter their story they have all the information on hand.

Linking it to the Curriculum

When it comes to linking this resource with the curriculum, well let’s just say it links to a lot, including various learning areas, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities.

It can clearly fit into the history strand as well as mathematics, English, science and geography; it just depends on your topic at the time. When it comes to the cross-curriculum priorities once again it depends on your unit at the time but it has the potential to be integrated with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures as well as Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia. As for the General capabilities, multiple areas of this could and would fit into one lesson. For example literacy, numeracy, ICT capability as well as intercultural understanding and that isn’t even including the learning areas or cross-curriculum priorities.

I would recommend this resource for upper primary and more so year 5 and above. A simplified version could be used for year 4 and maybe 3 however when using it with the younger year level of upper primary, I think most students would need detailed step by step instructions and every step and would need a very high level of guidance; of course this depends on your class and what they are capable of.

With the older years of the upper primary e.g. year 6 and/or 7 the majority of students, based on my experience, would have a good basic understanding of how to conduct meaningful research.

The one down fall of this resource is that for individual work to occur your need your own account which requires an email.

If used and integrated successfully this online resource can be an excellent tool for all teachers to keep under their belt.


Click the link below to go to this site


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