Placement Journal/Reflection – Week 2

This week I just decided the do a weekly wrap up, because well quite frankly I have forgot what I did on what day 🙂

I continued with the daily routines as well as picking up my teaching load.

I focused on number patterns eg: 10-11 all have a 1 at the front etc. I also continued with my data handling where the students created their own graph using the birthdays from the class. We first created tally marks on the board as a class with a numbers to represent the tally marks. As a class we created a large version of what their graph would look like, they then moved back to their table and finished their own (See image below).



I was introduced to number bingo … It is so much fun, the students love it!


<<—– This is the sheet which the students get (1/4 of an A4) The students select from a variety of numbers (e.g. 10-20; because we we focusing on number patterns and getting them to write 15/12 etc in the write order.

Once students have written all numbers, the teacher stands out the front and calls our numbers; students can then cross off one number at a time (e.g if they have 11 written more than once they just cross 1 off at a time)

Students yell bingo when all of their numbers are crossed of, students can then come and call the numbers for you 🙂

Maths was my main focus I also continued with Jolly Phonics as well working with them with our Narrative; Fairy Tale unit. I used cloze exercises for literacy as well as discussions about the characters from the story.


My relationship has continued to grow and they are getting a lot more comfortable with me being the teacher in charge in the classroom. I am continuing to develop behaviour management strategies which the students enjoy while also being them to attention [most of the time :)]

I created a basic table for marking their number formation, adapted from Pinterest link
Instant Data

I used the table to see what numbers the students really were struggling with.



My university supervisor said to me after observing me
‘This may sound scary .. but you look like a teacher!’

This definitely wasn’t scary, I think if I was told if I didn’t look like a teacher that would be scary!!


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