Pre-Final Placement Thoughts

So tomorrow I begin my 6 week block for my final placement for university…

There is many thoughts currently going through my head as well as emotions which keep changing and freaking me out quite frankly.

Nervous; Excited; ScaredOverwhelmed; Curious…
These are a few of the the emotions I am feeling right now.

Last years placement saw me in a year 6/7 class.. I was TERRIFIED at first.. The thought of teaching upper primary was daunting to me. However; I ended up being so comfortable teaching them, I formed relationships with the students, I didn’t want my placement to end with them, I wanted to stay in that classroom teaching them.

So right now with me about to go into a Reception class – which is on the opposite end of the spectrum of what I will qualified to teach. Right now after experiencing year 6/7 last year, Reception is now the daunting year level for me. I am thinking that once I get into the classroom and take upon the role of the teacher and I am in the class day after day I will feel a lot more comfortable..

So here is to wishing myself luck; and I will hopefully be updating my blog along the way 🙂


About jessottewell

4th Yr Educ Student @ flinders BA/Bed R-7
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