Summer School; Pro’s & Con’s

Over this summer; 2012/2013 I attended summer school through CDU.

I was recommended to do summer school so I didn’t have to over load during my last semester of my final year with the topic I had to catch up on.

The topic was Teaching Indigenous Studies.

The was many pro’s and con’s to attending summer school – below I have listed them.



I was able to work at my own pace up to the assignment submission date.


I found it very hard not having face to face contact with my tutors. Yes you could exchange emails; but sometimes you need that face to face time to understand what is truly being said – Plus you don’t have to wait as long for their reply.


I missed being surrounded by peers to bounce ideas off of one another and to get help and advice on assignments. There was a chat board but it really isn’t the same.


There was weekly readings; and I will admit I didn’t do these. I missed going to tutorials each week and having discussions with teachers and peers. Once again this was available online in a similar manner; but it was more a read and respond board than a discussion board.


After reflecting on the process on summer school I notice I have more con’s than pro’s. However, the pro is a high one, because summer school is over the Christmas holidays I was able to work study in and around all my holiday plans and work.

In my case it was worth attending summer school instead of overloading because I want to enjoy my final year and more specifically final semester of my uni experience.

If anyone was to ask me if they should do it I would get them to ask themselves if they think it would benefit them; and hopefully my pro’s and con’s help others in the future.



About jessottewell

4th Yr Educ Student @ flinders BA/Bed R-7
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