3/4 Years Completed

WOW! I only have one year left of being a pre-service teacher.. To say that went quickly would be an under statement!

The last 3 years have had some extreme highs and lows and all the rest that falls in between. I am looking forward to my final year at Flinders University and completing my final placement during the first half of the year.

I have learnt so much over these last years including what to do and what NOT to do!

Some of the most important lessons I have learnt so far include;

Noise isn’t necessarily always a bad thing. Noise can mean many things, it may mean your students are sharing ideas, collaborating and assisting each other. Noise does not always mean that your students are being off task and being silly.I feel as teacher we have to remember they are kids so we need to let them be kids. How can we expect them to sit still for an extended period of time; adults have trouble doing so how are kids meant too 🙂

Talk to your students; Do not sit yourself behind a desk all day, move around the classroom. I learnt this from my mentor teacher at Braeview Primary in 2012. Move around the classroom, this lets them know that you are approachable and that you are available to help them if needed. Not only does this help the students it also allows you to see where the students are up to and how they are going with their work; because it isn’t always about test results.

You need to be flexible! I experienced this a few times while teaching my placement class; and it was one strong message from my mentor teacher that has stuck with me. As a teacher you HAVE to be flexible and you have to be able to adapt quickly and easily, while not freaking out! 🙂


One question I am constantly finding myself wondering is; Do my assignment results determine what sort of teacher I will be? Do I need to get all HD to be an excellent teacher. Then I think to my self, NO! Just because you didn’t do as great as you wanted to go in that major essay or in a mock newsletter article doesn’t mean you won’t be a great teacher. Writing something on paper and conducting yourself in a classroom are total opposites. I found myself to be confident and comfortable on my placements and then when it comes to writing an essay and receiving a pass I find myself second guessing myself..

But NO MORE!! I know what I am like in a classroom and I just need to remember so. Yes University is important but getting a HD compared to a PASS doesn’t necessarily mean you will be any greater of a teacher. In my thoughts anyway.



About jessottewell

4th Yr Educ Student @ flinders BA/Bed R-7
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2 Responses to 3/4 Years Completed

  1. Beck says:

    I hate teacher desks! I had mine removed from my classroom. : )

  2. Janet Smanet says:

    I fully agree, it’s great to get good grades, but sometimes it can be at the expense of deeper learning, which is bypassed because we’re second guessing if we have exactly met the rubric requirements, the knowledge gained is often fragmented and simply reproduced.
    I look forward to reading for knowledge and understanding, which I think ultimately is a part of what really makes a good teacher…

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